NCLEX Review Course Informations

Nurse Review Incorporated understands the needs of the internationally trained nurse and has designed a program that teaches the skills required to be successful on the NCLEX exam. The program provides the following:

  1. Comprehensive 4.5 month program with over 1200 hours of live lecture covering all of the frequently tested concepts on the current NCLEX exam followed by  advance classes that sharpens critical thinking skills.
  2. Instruction emphasizes theory and critical-thinking skills required to correctly answer the type of application and analysis questions on the exam.
  3. Preparation for the US RN approach to patient care and current trends in nursing according to the current NCLEX test plan
  4. Simulated testing with exam-style questions and an individualized evaluation that will guide your final NCLEX preparation.
  5. Small group coaching and preparation designed to enhance understanding of concepts and build confidence in the material.
  6. Extensive review of current high-yield NCLEX topics in the days leading up to the exam.
  7. The use of review materials, textbooks, and computer testing.